The Gruendell Method
The Gruendell Method

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Elizabeth Gruendell, FDN, NASM-CPT


1. Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease that leaves most over weight, weak, and worn out. 

2. Adrenal fatigue that stole so much precious time from my kids' lives because I just couldn’t get off the couch. 

3. Candida/yeast overgrowth that made me crave so much sugar I’d eat 6 candy bars at once. 

4. Heavy metal toxicity that prevented me from healing for years. 

5. Leaky gut that left me looking 6 months pregnant after I ate almost anything and left me with malnutrition despite a very nutritious diet.

6. Hormones so out of wack, I worked out harder than anyone in the gym and had no change in my body.

7. Multiple virus infections that took the opportunity to repeatedly attack my body while  my immune system was down .

 7 things I had to overcome in order to heal. 

I post this picture because when I was fed up with living as a watered down version of myself thanks to the way I felt, the first thing I did was look for someone who looked the way I wanted to look and had healed from what I needed to heal. We want to know the person we finally ask for help will understand. We want to know that they get how hard it is to make it through the day and how it makes me a mean mom, an unfriendly neighbor, a thoughtless sister.

...So here is your proof. You can heal. You can feel good again. You can get your body to do exactly what you want it to do. 

 Sometimes we think we must take this journey alone. I know I did. I didn’t even talk to my family about how it REALLY was. You don’t have to do it alone. Take care of yourself and talk to your people, educate yourself, hire a coach. Whatever you feel you need. Do it.

 ~ Elizabeth Gruendell

What will I get out of this?


I am a truth detective and I live to educate and empower my clients to take control of their health and future by breaking through conventional thinking on health and wellbeing. 

Together, we search out the true root cause, listen to what your body is saying and functionally heal the whole body and consciousness restoring a healthy body and mind. 

What you will get out of this is yourself back, better than ever.